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Here at Watchman's an excellent temperament is a must! Then we strive on producing correct Bullmastiffs that are sound, with plenty of substance, size, and a typey square head. Even though we desire large   bodies with big bones, we incorporate a Bull Mastiff that still moves well. Our Bullies are an outcome of  generations of health free dogs, but we do test our Bullmastiffs to insure that they are clear of any health issues.

Watchman’s has produced some quality Bull Mastiffs and we continue to devote our time and efforts towards more show potential Bullies. We prefer a specific consistency out of our puppies and that is  why we imported some dogs from Europe as the breed was developed in England. Though there are challenges as breeders, we enjoy the special times the Lord gives us with His creatures of the land.

We enjoy the temperament and size of the Bullmastiff.  Their reputation and genuine love for children means a lot to us since we have four children.  Our children are very active with all of our dogs.  Don't be mistaken, bullmastiff dogs are very difficult to breed and whelp, which adds a new dimension to "Hey kids how about we try to raise some dogs."  It isn't to be taken lightly.  There has been challenges along the way, but the Lord has given us great joy while learning and making progress.  We have excellent mentors (AKC Judges, reputable breeders that have been in the business for 30+ years, a breeder  that has a  degree in the area of genetics) that have helped us study the breed before we ever bought our first  bullmastiff dog.

We want to breed for temperament.  Bullmastiff Dogs that are people friendly and easygoing as well as being 'other dog' friendly.  Teaching your pup from the beginning in obedience is a must!  These cute puppies can become large, independent, aggressive masses of muscle if not properly trained in who is boss and where they fall in the chain of command in your household, then your dog may be the master of you.


We also breed for conformation or how they look physically.  A lot of research goes into every dog we breed  to make sure that the  Bullmastiff dogs we breed are compatible to bring out the best features of a bullmastiff dog according to the AKC standard. We also study the health history and breed for soundness.  We will not breed dogs that have health issues or dogs that could both be carriers of health issues.


Keeping all these areas in check our goal is to improve the breed.  Raising happy, healthy, beautiful puppies.  We also have a goal of breeding the highest quality of bullmastiff until we achieve the very best bullmastiff dog breed possible. 


All this said, we give all credit and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, because without His direction and His approval we are nothing and the work of our hands will not be blessed.  Whether the pup is perfect in conformation for showing or breeding or not, the pup is still needing and worthy of LOVE in a good home.


We are thankful how the Lord uses these dogs to show us parts of our lives that need improvement.  It teaches our children responsibility.  Our dogs are a part of our every day lives.  They take up a large part of our day with feeding, walking, training in the morning and doing it all over again in the evening.  When we are whelping someone is with the pups and mom CONSTANTLY for the first two weeks of their life. It is a major commitment.  Plus, they enjoy following us through the house as we carry out our day.


Before you receive your puppy,  All of our puppies are raised in our home with constant supervision and handling for the first 2 weeks of their lives.  We have 5 children that interact with the puppies daily which helps the puppies become very outgoing and well socialized.  We also start potty training them at 3 weeks old and they will be familiar with a collar and leash.  This is highly important for the new owners so the puppy can adapt quickly to their new surroundings especially if you plan to show.  We have compliments from past clients on how well the puppy adapted and veterinarians comment on how well socialized they are at 8 weeks old.   They will also be vet checked, have their 1st shots, and be de-wormed before going to their new home. We ship to all states and to Canada, or any other country. Our efforts of building a good foundation is intended for your benefit.  As responsible breeders we have the best interests in mind for you, their satisfied new owner.  



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