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Matty's Parents

male bullmastiff stud female bullmastiff

male european bullmastiff female bullmastiff

(owned by my dear friend Nik at Sealand)



5 Years Old

bullmastiff bitch puppies for sale

female bullmasff puppies for sale


3 Years Old

bullmastiff bitch head

female bullmastiff

female bullmastiff female bullmastiff

female bullmastiff

female bullmastiff


2 Years Old

bullmastiff puppies



14 Months

female bullmastiff bullmastiff female



7 months- 90 #



5 Months

I am honored to not only be Nik's friend , but to spent time with him in Italy!

He has produced some gorgeous Bullmastiffs over nearly 3 decades, of which I was thrilled to see, but I am glad to have taken this photo of them !!






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