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Our puppies are raised in our house with constant supervision and handling for the first 3 weeks of their lives.  We have 5 children that interact with the puppies daily which helps the puppies become very outgoing and well socialized.  We also start potty training the puppies at 3 weeks old and they will be familiar with a collar and leash.  This is highly important for the new owners so the puppies can adapt quickly to their new surroundings especially if you plan to show.  We have compliments from past clients on how well the puppies adapted and veterinarians comment on how well socialized the puppies are at 8 weeks old.   The Bullmastiff puppies for sale will also be vet checked, have their 1st shots, and be de-wormed before going to their new home.  Our efforts of building a good foundation is intended for your benefit.  As responsible breeders we have the best interests in mind for you, their satisfied new owner.  

As owners of  Watchman Kennels there are many reasons why as a private bullmastiff dog breeder we chose to go with this type of dog.  First of all we enjoy the temperament and size of the Bullmastiff.  Their reputation and genuine love for people means a lot to us since we have four children of our own.  Our children are very active with all of our dogs. 

As a Bullmastiff breeder, we make sure our Bullmastiff puppies are well trained before leaving our Bullmastiff kennel.


The Bullmastiff is very strong and powerfully built animal that possesses great intelligence and a willingness to please, making them ideal family companions and protectors. Although large, the breed remains both agile and active and is successful in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, carting and therapy work. The Bullmastiff’s coat may be red, fawn or brindle..


Overall the bullmastiff loves to be with their people family even if it is just following you around while you clean the house.  They can also be an outside dog as long as you give them the required attention on a daily basis.  A fenced in yard or country setting is good so they can spend their energy away from your furniture and breakables. 


We love our Bullmastiff puppies and would enjoy answering any questions you may have.

So you want to buy a cute little bullmastiff puppy?  Did you ever consider how big that bullmastiff puppy would grow?  Bullmastiffs are a very large breed of dog they are also known as the Gentle Giants, because of their astounding size and remarkable gentle and docile demeanor.  If raised with children the bullmastiff will do quite well.  Children still need to be taught to respect the bull mastiff dog even though the bullmastiff dogs are quite tolerable of children-just-being-children of their poking, prodding, pulling of the ears or even pulling the tail of this massive gentle dog.


Bullmastiff puppies are a family socialite and love to interact and be near other family members and pets.  A big plus is that bullmastiff dogs are very protective of the family and is king of it's domain as it patrols it's territory keeping everyone safe from un welcomed visitors.  Bull Mastiffs are very weary of strangers and for this reason alone it makes the bullmastiff dog a number one choice as a guard dog.  Sometimes the size alone of the bullmastiff dog is enough to make a stranger do a double take and think twice before trespassing on your property. 


Oh did I mention feeding Bullmastiff puppies???  On the average bull mastiff dogs will eat anywhere from 24 ounces to 40 ounces of dog food per day.  That is nearly 1-1/2 quarts of dog food.

Bullmastiffs were originally bred from English Bulldogs (40%) and Mastiffs (60%), hence the name Bullmastiffs also known by some as Bull Mastiffs, as seen by the word separation.The Bullmastiff was created to be faster and more aggressive than the Mastiff, yet bigger than and not as ferocious than the Bulldog.  Despite your preference in the spelling of bull mastiffs, there is no mistaking the appearance of this breed of dog.The Bullmastiff’s known history in England begins around 1860, when they were developed to keep large estates and game preserves free of poachers.

The Bullmastiff puppies for sale is fearless and confident, yet remains docile and sweet-natured with his family. They are natural guardians of the home, but do not bark much, as silence was a virtue when guarding estates. Bullmastiffs are independent thinkers and may not respond to traditional obedience training. The breed does not require much exercise or grooming, and can live happily in a house or apartment.

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